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Puzzle Chess

The Setup

  • Can be played as 1vs1 or 2vs2.

  • Jigsaw puzzles with 300 pieces or less, work best.

  • Turn all pieces face up and complete the border.

  • Place your chess timer in a neutral spot. Set it for 20 minutes. (Get a free app by searching Chess Clock)

  • Flip a coin or a puzzle piece to see who goes first.

The Goal

Who ever has the most time remaining on their timer once the puzzle is complete, WINS. If your timer runs out before your opponent's timer, you LOSE  :-(

The Rules

  • Teams alternate connecting 1 piece at a time to the border.

  • Your hands can only touch 1 loose piece at a time.

  • All loose pieces are available to either team.

  • Once a piece is placed, tap your timer.

  • A piece can be connected anywhere inside the puzzle, there are no dedicated sides.

  • You can move as many pieces as you want during your turn BUT you can not leave any loose pieces inside the border.

  • If you complete the puzzle and both timers have somehow miraculously stopped on the same exact time....PLAY AGAIN!

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