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How to start a library

1. Buy or Build a Box

Find prebuilt boxes on Etsy. Our favorites are WalltoWallWoodworks + KBF Woods

Wooden puzzle boxes, shop for little free library structures

2. Pick a theme

Choose something unique to you. Animal lover? Favorite destination? Have fun with it!

Sample Ideas




3. Design it

Time to get your hands dirty!

cut outs and stencils of different tropical leaves along with tubs of green paint

Exterior paint is a must to weather the elements.

Stencils are great to add accents.

White paint pens used to decorate puzzle libraries

Paint Pens help with the fine details.

two people painting and decorating a free puzzle trading library

Invite your friends & family to join in!

paint sealer spray can that can be used to protect puzzle libraries from weather damage

Paint Sealer will extend the life of your work!

4. Installation

There are a lot of options, but we suggest the classic post & concrete combo

The jigsaw jungle little puzzle library in culver city
A large tree with spots carved out and book library boxes fitted in
A pink little free library posted in a green planter in a front yard

5. Grand Opening

Celebrate your library with friends. Encourage them to bring a puzzle to place inside!

grand opening of the first Puzzle Republic library, Ribbon cutting of the Puzzle Palace

🧩 Join our Community 🧩

Become a Puzzle Republic Ambassador and put your library on the map!

Fill out the form below and we'll send you The Ambassador Guide that has tips to managing a successful library, sticker templates to use at your library, plus access to the private Facebook page just for Ambassadors. 

puzzle ambassadors, the puzzle perch, manhattan beach little free puzzle library

Thanks for submitting!

puzzle ambassadors, the connector, anaheim little free puzzle library
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