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How to start a library

1. Buy or Build a Box

Find prebuilt boxes on Etsy. Our favorites are PinnochioUK + KBF Woods

puzzle boxes

2. Pick a theme

Choose something unique to you. Animal lover? Favorite color? Destination? Have fun with it!

Sample Ideas


Message us for more inspo!

3. Design it

Time to get your hands dirty!


Exterior paint is a must to weather the elements.

Stencils are great to add accents.


Transfer paper comes in clutch for those tricky designs.


Paint Pens help with the fine details.


Sealer will extend the life of your work!


Invite your friends & family to join in!

4. Installation

There are a lot of options, but we suggest the classic post & concrete combo


Quick concrete is surprisingly easy to use and cheap. You'll need to also purchase a 4"x4" post and dig a hole that is 18" deep and 18" wide.


(Click the image below for instructions)

seting up a library

5. Grand Opening

Celebrate your library with friends. Encourage them to bring a puzzle to place inside!

grand opening

🧩 Join our Community 🧩

Become a Puzzle Republic Ambassador and put your library on the map!

Fill out the form below and we will send you The Ambassador Guide that includes tips to managing a successful library, sticker templates to use at your library, plus you will also get access to the private Facebook page just for Ambassadors. 


Once your library is open, we will add it to the map and feature it on Instagram.

Thanks for submitting!

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