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The Puzzle Palace library in Los Angeles california, jigsaw trading post

A network of free puzzle libraries around the world.

colorful little free libraries for jigsaw puzzles

How it works

Take a puzzle or leave a puzzle. Yep, it's that simple. We encourage you to pick up a puzzle from a library and see the positive impact it has on your mind & soul.

The Jigsaw Jungle, Free puzzle trading library in culver city california
Who Who
Jessica and Luke Cheney, Husband and Wife Founders of the Puzzle Republic

About us

Jessica and Luke live in L.A. and have been married for 5 years. With the combination of Jessica's love for puzzles and Luke's desire to give back, The Puzzle Republic was created on Oct 8th, 2019.


Some #PuzzleMerch

A collection of punny puzzle products:

  • Hats, shirts, tanks, long sleeves

  • Home decor & drinkware

  • Stickers, magnets, phone cases

  • Holiday wrapping paper & ornaments

Jigsaw puzzle related merchandize, clothing hats mugs, swag for puzzlers, gift ideas, puzz stickers

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